Puppy Contract

Thank you for choosing one of my puppies to become part of your family.  I do hope this puppy will bring you lots of love and joy. There are a few things I would like to make sure you are in agreement with before your new pup becomes part of your family.  Firstly, Labradors are one of the breeds prone to hip and elbow dysplasia, which are multifunctional (genetics, environment and nutrition related) diseases affecting the hip and elbow joints of the dog.  Labradors also suffer from inherited eye diseases, (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) which may cause blindness.  All our dogs have been tested prior to breeding.


Hips and Elbow xrays can only be done after your pup is 1 year old.


I, _________________________________________ am aware of the potential problems that may arise in Labradors, and am satisfied that the breeder, Sandy Adamson has done the necessary screening and tests on both the above mentioned parents of the pup.  These do not necessarily imply that my pup will be free of these diseases.  I agree that the breeder is not held responsible in any way for medical or surgical treatment that may need to be undertaken once the pup has left their premises to live with me.


  • I agree that I am purchasing a Labrador puppy from Casaguri Labradors to be a family pet and not as part of a commercial breeding practice.
  • Should I at any time, be unable to keep the puppy, I agree to contact the breeder in an attempt to find another suitable home. If no home is found then the dog will be returned to the breeder.
  • I will endeavour to take my puppy to professional training classes (unless restricted geographically) from when I take the puppy home, in the form of puppy socializing classes, and continue his/her mental stimulation and training on a regular basis, to the best of my ability.
  • I have been advised to take my puppy to my regular vet for a check-up within 48 hours of receiving him/her. Should the vet have any concerns I may return the puppy for a full refund to Sandy Adamson within 3 days of taking him/her.


I will, at all times, provide adequate and preventative veterinary care for my dog (in the form of vaccinations, de-worming, tick and flea control), I will seek veterinary care when he/she is ill and will house him comfortably and feed him good quality dog food and ensure that he/she has access to water at all times.


Breeder Restrictions

Any pup purchased from us is sold with Breeder Restrictions, and may NOT be bred from until hips and elbows have been x-rayed and a suitable score received.  Also PRA test to be done.  The prospective mate must also have had these done, and all results together with the KUSA pedigree of the prospective mate must be forwarded to me prior to me lifting the breeder restriction placed on the puppy.

Males may have restrictions lifted after 12 months of age.

Females restrictions will only be lifted after they are 18 months of age.


I, _______________________________________ understand that I may not breed from the Labrador Retriever purchased from Casaguri Labradors, until  I have had his/her hips and elbows x-rayed and evaluated by a veterinary radiologist (mandatory), as well as eyes tested by a veterinary ophthalmologist (if possible) and Progressive Retinal Atrophy tests done.  My dog will be over 12 months before his first mating / my bitch may not be mated before she is 18 months old.

I will forward all details to the breeder – email:  mailto:casagurilabradors@gmail.com , whereupon a letter will be submitted to KUSA in order to have the restriction lifted.



Signed:  __________________________________               Date:  ____/____/20

(New Owner)


Signed for Casaguri Labradors (Breeder):  _____________________________

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